Atelier Terms & Conditions

'We','Mal Amora', the 'Atelier', the  'Designer' and all refer to Mal Amora Intimates as a service provider for bespoke made lingerie and corsetry. 'You' refers to yourself or associated receivers of goods in the capacity of a potential customer and purchaser. If you are unsure to the terms and conditions set down below please email mal.amora

1. Initial Payment and Ordering

  • All bespoke garments are ordered via  the 'Atelier' booking system at The only exception is by ordering in person where possible such as at Pop-Up Events or where the Designer is in a professional capacity. Informal arrangements, including familial gifts, will not be honoured.

  • 50% of the quoted garment(s) price will be a non-refundable deposit to be put down to secure the Atelier service, after selecting the desired garment(s) from the Atelier booking list. The deposit will only be charged via through an invoice. When ordering in person at a Pop-Up Event or arranged meeting in the Atelier, the payment will be processed via a Square™ card reader for debit and/or credit cards or cash in GBP Sterling.  You will receive an email receipt for your records.​

    • The initial contact will be henceforth known as the 'booking' and is not the design appointment itself.

    • At the 'booking' you will be asked to select a time slot in which the design appointment will take place. At the allotted time the Designer will contact you via your preferred method, (Skype, WhatsApp or Telephone) and discuss your project for no more than 3 hours. Further clarification is given in Clause 2.

    • The 50% of the quoted price may not be representative of the final value of the garment(s) due to specific materials or design ideas discussed at your appointment and in the 2 weeks consultation period which may lead to an increase in costs.

    • In all cases the deposit paid will be subtracted from the final quoted price and the remaining monies to be paid upon completion. Please be assured that when quoting the final price of the garment(s), every step will be taken to ensure that the final quoted price is representative of the time, care and quality of materials used to create the final product.

  • A note about the general concept of the garment(s) may be included in 'booking' but final specifications are to be discussed after payment via emails during 2 weeks of consultation with the Mal Amora designer. This period is henceforth known as the ‘2 weeks consultation period’ and is expanded upon in the 2nd Clause.

2. Consultation Period and Process

  • About which there will be 14 days from the time of the design appointment within which to carry out design, construction and delivery decisions and agreements. No further payments will be required until completion of the finished garment(s). 

    • When booking an 'appointment', you are agreeing to Mal Amora discussing with you at your 'appointment' via Telephone, Skype or WhatsApp, and then after by email, your desired particulars for the requested garment(s) and by extension these Terms and Conditions as set out here. The particulars are but not exclusively:
      • Colour(s)
      • Materials, components and fabrics
      • General Aesthetic or Design
      • Motifs, Design details and Special functions
      • End use or purpose, (such as Bridal, Tight Lacing, Waist Training etc.)
    • Once agreed upon the Designer will endeavour to quote the final price taking every effort to provide accurate calculations. You may request to know how many hours labour will be undertaken to complete the project.
    • Changes in the final price can only be made if changes to the desired particulars are made within 24 hours of issuing the first quote, after which the quoted price is final. Changes to be made are to be emailed promptly within the 24 hours after which Mal Amora will return the amended quote within 1 working day. In either case it is the duty of the purchaser to agree to the quote in writing to be sent via email. Discount codes or Shop offers are not applicable to Atelier orders.
    • To avoid delays, our emails to you may be accidentally filed as spam in your inbox, so endeavour to take the necessary steps to move them to your main inbox and respond promptly.
    • Once the design is decided within the 2 week consultation period and the price agreed for the Atelier to make the garment, a detailed specification will be made available for both parties to sign. You will not be able to make any further changes after this document has been signed, after which you acknowledge all details within are correct and agree to the project going forward. The only changes permissible refer to measurement changes during the two week alteration period as referred to in the 3rd Clause. All changes must be made in writing via email.

  • When ordering in person, if all design and price particulars are agreed at the Pop-Up event or arranged Atelier meeting, including but not limited to, style, fabrics, colours, purpose etc, then the detailed specification may be signed there and then.

    • If all or parts of the particulars are not agreed to or you need more time to make decisions about the garment(s) then you may discuss these particulars via email to Mal Amora within 14 days of the in person meeting.

      • This period will be henceforth known as the ‘2 week designing period’.  Decisions past the ‘2 week designing period’ may not be accepted; Mal Amora has the discretion to include or disregard them.

      • It is best advised that you come to all in-person meetings with a clear indication of what you desire/need from the garment(s) or request for (a) pre-designed Mal Amora garment(s) to be made to your measurements with none or minimal design changes.

      • You retain the right to inform Mal Amora of any measurement changes in the ‘2 week alteration period’ as referred to in the Measurements Clause. You will receive a copy of the final detailed specification for you to sign at the end of the ‘2 week designing period’. The 3rd Clause still applies to In Person Bookings.

3.Measurements and Fittings​​​

  • When able to, Mal Amora will take your measurements in person; when ordering a bespoke piece at a pop-up event or at an arranged meeting at the Atelier or your private abode.

    • We cannot be held responsible for subsequent errors or extra costs incurred through measurements that you have incorrectly taken or supplied to us.

    • We also cannot be held responsible for any ill-fitting garments supplied due to a change in measurements on the part of the purchaser.  

      • Any changes need to be sent within two weeks of the confirmed start date of the project to ensure that the required changes can be made, (hereby referred to as ‘the alteration period’).

      • Any further changes in measurements sent to the Atelier after this point may not be guaranteed to be factored into the manufacture of the product. Mal Amora reserves the right to alter the final price of the garment(s) to factor in any additional costs accrued due to increased time/materials being used to accommodate changes in measurements

  • In some, not all cases, you may need to provide your own measurements, if travel to the Atelier or to your abode is impossible or impractical. In this case Mal Amora will provide, via email after the appointment,  instructions and a Measurement Form, and we recommend that the measurements are taken by a trustworthy friend or ideally a trained tailor or dressmaker with these instructions to hand.

    • Please fill out all the measurement form sections to the best of your ability and send back within 14 days of the appointment via email. We recommend printing off the Measurement Form to fill out and then send a scanned copy to

    • If by the last day of the 2 weeks consultation period the Atelier has not received your measurements, we retain the right to cancel your project without refund; you may write to us at the the earliest possible convenience to warn us that your measurements will not be received in time.

    • In that case we will happily waive cancellation and we will go ahead as planned upon receipt of measurements within a maximum of 6 months waiting. After this time the project will be regarded as abandoned and the project will be cancelled without refund.​​

  • Once measurements are received, the final detailed specification is signed and the confirmed start date of the project has passed, Mal Amora is duty bound to sew a toile or 'mock-up' in like-for-like or similar fabrics.

    • This toile is representative of the 1st draft of your individual pattern and it is your duty to arrive at any and all fittings to ensure the fit of the garment(s) can be refined. 

    • Depending on the project, at least one fitting will be arranged with you to wear the toile to assess fit and style. Failure to attend fittings will jeopardise the project and Mal Amora cannot be held responsible for ill fitting garment(s).

4.Project Completion and Final Payment

  • Mal Amora will begin construction of your garments upon the confirmed start date of the project which you may elect to choose.

    • The Atelier reserves the right to post in-progress and completed photographs of your items to their social media accounts and to unless you explicitly state otherwise.​

    • We may update you at key milestones within the project or request a fitting via email or telephone call. If you receive no correspondence from us, understand that we are working hard on the garment(s) and it is proceeding without complaint. If there are any problems that occur during manufacture that you the purchaser must know, we will contact you immediately.

      • Please do not send an excessive (i.e twice daily) amount of emails in regard to; the project's process, the Atelier working faster than physically possible or requesting additional items; these only slow down the process and violate the terms of the detailed specification.

      • Nuisance correspondence or threats made to the Atelier will be seriously considered and the work will be stopped and/or authorities will be brought into the matter.

    • ​Please refer to the estimated making and delivery times as specified in the design appointment and consultation emails for an estimate of when it will be finished and delivered.​​

  • When completed, we will promptly inform you via email and/or telephone.

    • If you ordered in person you may come to the Atelier to pick up your garments and pay the remainder of the final price using credit/debit cards using a Square™ card reader or cash in GBP Sterling; in that case we will arrange a time to pick up when we inform you of the project’s completion. At the pick up an Acknowledgement of Receipt will be signed for our records and you may book another Atelier service if you so wish.

    • For Online Bookings, we will promptly inform you of the project’s completion and will send you photographs for you to assess. The remainder of the final price should be paid upon completion within 7 days as you will be invoiced for the remaining monies via the email address you have supplied to Mal Amora; the garment(s) will only be delivered upon receipt of payment in full.

      • Failure to pay the remaining amount within 7 days of receiving your invoice could lead to a late fee of £50 or 10% of the project, whichever is greater. Extreme delays, such as 28 days or more, the garment(s) will be forfeited and sold as samples on

      • To avoid this it is your duty to inform Mal Amora immediately and new payment terms will be arranged.​​​


  • Any travel expenses incurred, if any, (e.g. by visiting you for fittings if required) will be discussed with you and invoiced separately.


5.Delivery and Packaging​

  • You will be asked to sign for the receipt of the finished garment. This will take the form of 1st Class Signed For Delivery via Royal Mail or other tracked Courier Service for Online Bookings.

    • Once shipped we cannot take responsibility for goods lost in transit, by 3rd party couriers, however by choosing trusted and responsible couriers we make every effort to ensure your purchase is received by yourself.

    • Regrettably we cannot replace lost or stolen goods.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the completed garment will be packaged in Mal Amora branded gift wrap and discreet brown paper packaging. This includes a Garment Box as standard and will be sent to you free of charge via 1st Class Signed For Delivery in the UK.

    • International orders will be packaged similarly and sent via DHL or DPD, at a flat rate of £20.


6.Legal Matters

The order of your garment shall be considered a contract made in England and shall be governed in all respects by the law of England and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts here.


If you have any questions or concerns about fair contracts or your rights, you can call the UK Office of Fair Trading’s Consumer Hotline on 08457 22 44 99 or visit their website at