Welcome to the Mal Amora Atelier, a place where your corset dreams become reality. To start, choose your top style to decide if you would like an Overbust or Underbust corset. You can then choose your bottom style and length on the hips, ranging from High, Mid to Low hip and even suspender tab options. Please be aware that both front and back will have the same bottom edge shape. Then you can choose how the back will look along the top edge and select your front fastening. A busk is the traditional way to get in and out but you can have a zip for quick changes or lacing for alluring tease. And finally, select your inner lining fabric and your outer fashion fabric to determine your corset colour and feel.

Pro tip, the narrower a top style, the lower it comes up onto your torso.

Model Image Model Image

Welcome to the Mal Amora Atelier, a place where your corset dreams come true!

Simply choose how your bespoke corset will look from the options on your right and view on Mal above.

Choose your top style and length.

Choose your bottom style and length on the hips

Add a busk, zip or lace up front fastening (we’re still tinkering to make it show up) and choose from our fabric swatches for colour and feel below.


Boutonnier Broche

Herringbone Coutil

Choose your main strength fabric

Dupion Silk


Rosebud Coutil

Boutonnier Broche

Herringbone Coutil

Nylon Mesh

Choose your outer fashion fabric

When you’re happy with your design click Submit and we’ll work out a quote. You can purchase your corset on the following page and Mal will get making!

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